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Custom Electric Guitars Shaped Like Spaceships From ‘Star Wars’

New Insults by Kait Rokowski - [x]

A woman saying yes to a date with a man is literally insane, and ill-advised, and the whole species’ existence counts on them doing it. I don’t know how women still go out with guys when you consider that there’s no greater threat to women than men. We’re the number one threat to women! Globally and historically, we’re the number one cause of injury and mayhem to women, we’re the worst thing that ever happens to them. If you’re a guy, try to imagine that you could only date a half-bear, half-lion, like, “Ugh, I hope this one’s nice.

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I go back and forth about Louis, but he is definitely an adept at cultural satire. He said this on his most recent HBO special; his delivery is hilarious and the commentary is spot on. But, in the background, I could hear an overwhelming chorus of men’s laughter. I couldn’t help but wonder how many of them realized this is absolutely true, not just a joke. How many of them will think about it the next time a woman gets into their car? Or comes to their apartment? Or even just gives them her phone number?

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Soooo yesterday at work our alarm system was malfunctioning. in my office. ONLY in my office.

Now, my office is a 10x15 space with concrete and glass walls and migraine inducing fluorescent lights. Out of context, my office sounds like a torture chamber. But because of my job, it is what it is.

Anyways. The fucked up alarm was sounding off at random intervals because it needed attention. Then another part of the system started failing. So now there are 2 alarms going off. In random patterns. Echoing in my small concrete and glass office.

After about 30 minutes, I was getting very testy. Called for security to assist me and fix the system.

After about 45 minutes, my cool and professionalism was gone. Called my boss to send help because I couldn’t tend to 2 alarms and my job at the same time.

After about 60 minutes, I was getting violent. Told security they better get their asses here or I would do them physical harm.

But then, after about 75 minutes, i just started crying. And shaking. And crying. Told my boss to send back up NOW because I have reached my limit and no one is helping and my office sounds like fucked up torture chamber and I need to leave.

So by about 90 minutes, I ran out work, jumped in my car and was crying like a baby. Uncontrollable sobbing and drove myself to the nearest park to gather myself together.

This morning, when my alarm woke me… I started shaking and cry-screaming. So not good.

Something happened to me yesterday. it’s like my brain just cracked and i dunno… So not good.

This is so not good.




Valentines Day reminds me of….. the last time I saw my adopter daughter alive 7 years ago.

That’s all I can think about. What’s sad is that she’s been dead longer than she was alive.. so was it all just a dream? Who are all those pictures of? Whose cute little dresses are those? Whose little books and things are these if you were just a dream? A beautiful., ,sweet dream ….


Wow…80,000 notes in a day and a half…this is crazy talk.

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Online Shopping in Real Life

THIS!!! On-line retailers, this. you soddy gits.